Welcome to Taxnut. This is the low cost ( do a lot of the work yourself) arm of Complete Accounts.

It is still quite new so feel free to e mail from the contact page if you have any suggestions.

Our aims

We want to offer a very low cost option for individuals and small business to complete their tax return.

There are many low cost options on the market but the problem is that to keep the cost down all that is really offered is a portal for you to enter and submit your own data. There is no professional review of the data to enable useful feedback as to potential issues with the data or areas where tax could be saved. Which ever route you go to fulfil your tax return obligations, at the end of the day, the responsibility is yours and if you have problems in the future your accountant is unlikely to be liable.

Special limited offer


In order to make the service as efficient as possible we are looking for some guine pigs.

The deal is this:

We want from you:

  • Follow the normal procedure we have set out
  • Complete a short questionnaire at the end to help us judge how the system worked for you. We will also ask for some suggested improvements.

What you get back

  • An engagement letter confirming the service and the total price to pay in writing.
  • Your completed tax return for approval
  • A list of advisory points based on your data
  • A list of tax saving opportunities if we see any

We will not make a full charge for the service as we value the information that this process will provide in the development of Taxnut.

Instead of the full tax return charge it will only cost you a one off fee to cover the administration costs of online identification etc. This charge is £20.00 + vat.


You will be treated as a client and all the normal confidentiality of data and professional ethics will apply. The data we collect is for the tax return only and not used for other purposes.

********Link to the sign up page*** , down load complete  and e mail via contact page

*****limited to the first 10 tax returns****** if uncuccesful, if register, then 25% discount in year 1 on normal price