Future developments at Complete Accounts

• Electronic signing of accounts and other documents

This will avoid the necessity of posting papers to and fro. The document acceptance and confirmation will all happen using an electronic signing procedure

• Electronic filing of accounts at Companies House

Although accounts are sent electronically to H M Revenue and Customs, it is not currently cost effective to file electronically at Companies House

This is due to change as software developers create a link between the accounts software that create the accounts and the Companies House filing system

• Micro Entity regime

There is a new reporting regime for very small businesses in development by the government
When the final details have been finalised, we will offer a budget service to take advantage of any savings in relaxation of regulatory requirements for small businesses

• Nationwide coverage of the Complete Accounts service via a franchise

We are planning to package our systems and sell them as part of a franchise licence. If you would like to register an interest in becoming a franchisee, please contact us