Compare the market

When obtaining quotes from different accountants, we consider that it is important to ensure that the various offers are compared on a “like for like” basis. Not all services are included in a quote and the quality of service offered can vary depending on how qualified the accountant is.

To help we offer the following advice:

  • agree fees in writing at the outset
  • agree payment terms in writing – when are the fees due?
  • agree upfront which services are covered by the quote
  • compile a list of questions to ask the accountants to see if they are experienced in the area in which your business operates
  • discuss the time scale for the work

When will the business records be required?

When will your accounts be required?

To help we have an Excel spreadsheet template which will help you keep track of the answers you receive from different accountants. To receive a copy pleaseĀ contact us.